Friday, January 29, 2010

I am Madwoman; hear me mumble

You know when Madeline Kahn sings "I'm so tired" to a room full of cowboys in Blazing Saddles? That's me, minus the red light implications. Let's face it, folks: I'm pooped.

Two weeks ago, Jonny and I moved to the Portland area. We packed up all our stuff...again...and loaded the car so full you could just barely see the tires poking out of the wheel well...again. I had to drive the entire way because we couldn't afford to lose the space it would take for Jonny to scoot the driver's seat back. We took two days to get from L.A. to Portland, but we still arrived exhausted. At 9:00 the next day I was off to an interview with a temp agency. At noon I had a job. At 3:00, we signed the lease for our apartment. Egads!

Yesterday, I started painting our apartment. I don't care that we only have a 12 month lease and that I might be priming it back to white in less than a year. I want to tell myself and the rest of the world that I'm staying in one place for a little while. When I filled out the application at the temp agency, I had to list all the addresses for places I've lived in the last ten years. I listed eight, and that didn't include the four additional places I lived when I worked summer jobs in college. I'm staying long enough in Oregon to decorate, dangit! I'm going to relax and enjoy and work and come home and not think about tomorrow every second of the day. I'm going to make friends. Friends, I tell you! And they're going to watch Gone with the Wind with me because I'm going to make them.

Also, I'm painting my living room a hair-raising shade of turquoise.
Because I'm mad.


audra.marie said...

I like this new Madwoman, let's keep her around for a bit, shall we? Just for kicks.

Anonymous said...

you go girl! and post a picture when you're done! if i were closer i'd watch "gone with the wind"' with you while i helped you paint... 'cause i like to paint:) and i like that movie... and i'm sooooo sick of living out of a constantly moving box as well!

bravo! my hat is off to you :)


Anonymous said...


my friends and i just started a book club and we are beginning with Gone With the Wind. go big or go home, right?

meanwhile, jane eyre and i are fighting, but i'm trying really hard.

also, turquoise is the new black. i read it in real simple. well done!

congrats on being HOME!

love, dar

Jess said...

Please don't be mad ... you're scary mad. :) JK

Jerry said...

Wow, what an ingenious strategy to get you to do all the driving. "We just HAVE to push the seats all the way up to make room for everything."

audra.marie said...

uuuuuppdateable. por favor.

Anonymous said...

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Press4hitech said...

I like this new Madwoman