Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Once Bitten, Twice Shy: I keep my distance, but you still catch my eye

Why is it that radio stations play the same exact version of O Holy Night every twenty minutes but only send out Wham's Last Christmas once a week? This is not rhetorical. I want an answer here.

Jonny and I are back East for the Christmas season, and that means a whole lot of sitting around and enjoying. Since we can't seem to break from California time, it also means a whole lot of sitting around and enjoying at 4a.m. We're here in these parts for an entire month, so we're hitting up all sorts of family and friends while we're in the area. Last week we were down in Kentucky, and let me tell you about a typical day there. We would wake up around, oh, 2 p.m. Then we'd grab hot drinks and sit by the fire until we were toasty. Jonny would then play Resident Evil 4, you know, to get himself in the holiday mood, and I would read on the nearby couch. Roundabouts 6:00, we'd carry ourselves off to a Christmas party or a delicious meal made by friends, and then we'd laugh and talk with friends well into the night. With full bellies and, might I add, full hearts, we'd return to the house where, after a day of lidded simmerings, the hot tub would welcome us into its bosom. With a good soak under our belts, we'd return to the living room for a repeat of the afternoon's activities. Eventually, we'd set aside our books and video games in favor of a late night meal - veal parmigiana or turkey with all the trimmings - right before turning into bed at, say, 5a.m.

It's tough to be a night person in a morning person's world, but it's even tougher when your body is stuck in Pacific Standard Time. Try not to let our plight blight your Christmas spirit.


Anonymous said...

sounds divine my fellow night owl!


Mark and Lori said...

Time for an update.