Friday, September 11, 2009

Life Goals

Tonight I have been feverishly writing down professional goals and business plans. My mind has been racing with ideas about brand management and marketing strategies, so much so that my pen has not kept up with my head.

I was just jotting down a note about press releases a moment ago when my eyes were drawn to the TV. Naturally, being of Generation Y, I had turned the TV on so I could think a bit clearer while I wrote down my career aspirations. I chose a Planet Earth DVD because Planet Earth is AWESOME.

So as I'm writing about press releases, I hear Sigourney mention a mountain goat on, get this, a mountain. I look up, and there's said goat scaling the precipices. My heart immediately swells, and I remember that my real lifelong goal is to herd sheep. Basically, I want to be Heidi, just in New Zealand.

Do you think they perform SWOT analyses in New Zealand?


Natalie said...

I think you've been out in the LA smog a little too long. But I would like to see all your ideas about brand management and marketing strategies :)

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

Emily, make it the best of both worlds:
A) Herd sheep in New Zealand
B) Write press releases for your small, organic business constantly online
C) Market, market, market your special variety of sheep, in between hosing them off and propping them up when they fall over and shaving their wool with a Mach 3 and Barbasol.