Sunday, September 13, 2009

Boy Meets Girl...Then Waits 12 Years to Make a Move

Today, I've been thinking about significant moments in my relationship with Jonny. (Ten points to the first person who knows why. Minus ten points to the first person who guesses that I am pregnant. No, I am not pregnant.)

In a few days, I'll tell a story about Jonny and me in the beginning of our relationship. Until then, you should have a bit of back story. Many of you have already read these posts on our wedding website, but for those of you who haven't, I'm putting them here on blogger so you can catch up. If you've already read them, just sit tight, my pretties. New material will arrive within the week.

How We Met

Jonny and I don't remember how we met, mostly because we were eleven years old. I had just moved to town, and Jonny, though my age, hung out regularly with my older brother Mark. I had the hugest crush on Jonny for at least a month of 5th grade, but he never asked me out. He told me later that he had thought about it once on the bus home from school, but he thought better of it before he saw me. Alas, our love had many years to go before it would bloom and blossom.

Although I'm exactly 23 days older than Jonny (about which I tease him regularly), he was a year ahead of me in school. We went to different middle schools anyway, so we didn't see each other all too much in those rather awkward years. Thank God. Still, we went to the same youth group throughout middle and high school, so it's not like we forgot about each other. We just didn't have much to do with each other.

I went back to public school for high school, so our acquaintance grew stronger during those years. We had a couple of classes together and ate lunch with the same people, but again, we weren't really close. He dated someone else for several of those years, so he wasn't even an option anyway. We continued to run in different (albeit intersecting) circles, but we were friends.

Then, during my senior year of high school and his first year out of school, our friendship deepened. I had gone on a mission trip with a bunch of guys earlier that summer (Yohan, Headley, and A.J.), and Jonny had already been hanging out with that group for awhile. After the mission trip, I started going to A.J.'s house frequently (it was always the place to be), so I saw Jonny all the time. We talked about anything and everything, but always as a group. Just like the other three years of high school, there was no romantic pressure, and I'm grateful for that to this day. We got to know each other as friends. We learned to have casual conversations with each other and to laugh with each other. I learned his personality and a few of his quirks, all outside the context of dating. There was no false front, no pressure to seem better than we really were. We just were.

The next year, I left for college in Indiana, and I thought that would be the end of our friendship. Some friendships survive a move; some don't. I thought this one was surely doomed. Still, I found that I looked forward to seeing him when I was home for breaks. We Instant Messaged occasionally (good grief, IM) and sometimes talked on the phone, but we still didn't get it. Then during my sophomore year, he and Yohan joined some friends and me for a trip to Chicago. The boys got to know my college friends on that trip, and since my roomies and I were an irresistible bunch, Jonny and Yohan came up to visit us in each subsequent year. Even after my parents moved from Kentucky, I got to see Jonny over Thanksgiving each year. My dad worked with Jonny's uncle at a church, and Jonny's family always went to his uncle's house for Thanksgiving.

During my college years, Jonny and I still just didn't get it. We loved talking to each other and we flirted - heaven knows - shamelessly, but we only saw friendship. We got elbow nudges and eye rolls from friends and family, but after 12 years of "just friends," we didn't even consider the possibility of more. It wasn't on the radar.

Then I graduated.
I moved back to Kentucky.
We spent every day together for a month.
At the end of the month we looked at each other and said, "Oh."

And that, my friends, is the story.


Keeping Up With the Joneses said...

Well done, my little authoress!

However, I think Jonny's version is a little more romantic, especially when the light came on for him. If he can spare the time, we'd love to read his "Boy Meets Girl" perspective.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely am addicted to your blog! If you are not presently writing a novel, you should be! The Lord has blessed you with the gift of written expression. You are amazing. Be blessed!
A fellow blogger. :)

Jess B (or J) said...

Love it!!! So funny to think about the development. I know I read this a little late, but whatever.