Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fa la la la L.A. la la la la

Jonny and I are moving to L.A. even as I type. I plan to catch you up on all the goings-on after we get settled in California, but for now I can give you a few glimpses of our trip. We're taking two weeks to get to the west coast, and we're visiting family, friends, and national parks along the way. We (and by "we" I mean Jonny) are making short videos of each leg of our trip, and we'll be posting them along the way. Two videos are already done, but I can't post them here yet because I haven't uploaded them to youtube yet. We need to get on the road right away, so that step will have to wait for our next stop - Utah. If our hotel in Utah has wifi, then I'll upload the videos tonight and you can see them tomorrow. Until then.

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Keeping Up With the Joneses said...

Mark and Lori are here so we were able to see your pics on FaceBook. So exciting to see your progression out west. However, we did notice that Dad and I didn't make the list of friends and relatives enroute!

Have a wonderful trip. Talk to you soon.