Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Mini Mini Rant

Good gravy, ladies and gents! I just want to blog, really I do, but I can't. As I've said before, I have no internet at home, so I have to blog from Jonny's dad's house. I've been composing the post in my head all day long. Jonny and I just spent two hours at Dr. Fil's house so I could finish Jonny's FAFSA and post the new blog. TWO HOURS LATER I have only just finished the FAFSA, and now it's too late to blog. I hate tax forms. Hate them! Why is it that the IRS requires everyone to file impossible forms? You have to have a degree in TAX FORMS to fill them out, and yet everyone is supposed to be able to do it. BAH!

Now it's time to go home and shower and go to bed so I can get up tomorrow and go to work then to an appointment then to a movie then to shower and go to bed so I can go to work again. Hopefully, I'll catch you on Thursday. BAH!

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