Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home Sweet Hovel

We interrupt these marriage raptures for a brief look at the newlywed mansion. Mom and Dad, I think you'll like this.

Here she is from the front in all her glory. Ain't she a beaut?

Here she is from the side...her good side.

The front door leads straight into the foyer/living room/game room/dining room/library.

In the West Wing we have the kitchen...

...and the refrigerator that almost opens the whole way.

Here is the bedroom, the pride of our home and the rest for our weary souls. Note the DIY flannel blanket curtain because "The blinds don't block out enough light," and note the careful placement of hampers, work lights, and wall art. We decorate with Feng Shui. The sealed door acts as a funky, new art deco headboard and grounds the room in style, while the floor pillows really tie the room together.

Our floors slant every so gracefully, so we balance our furniture on recycled, sustainable, cardboard.

Ahh, the bathroom, a place to clear away troubling thoughts while we clear away the grime from our days. You'll see in their separate corners the washer and dryer. Neither worked when we moved in. The washer is now fully functioning, complete with bucking mechanism. The dryer had to be replaced, and you can see in the picture our brand new dryer. The stool is hidden behind my trusty Tide detergent, and the sink you can just barely see in the right side of the photo. We made one modification to the bathroom when we moved in: we replaced the one plastic shower head with two heads. No more need be said about that save Thank you for the BB&B gift card, Trevor and Jenna.

Unfortunately, our closet did not make it into a photo.

Moving on, we venture back outside for yet another angle of the house. But wait! What's this?

What in tarnation is this?!?

Are you telling me that when our landlord replaced our broken dryer she failed to haul away the old one? Are you telling me that I have a dryer in the front yard of my Kentucky home? This can't be! This will never do! We're moving in three weeks, but that's not soon enough.

With any luck, our neighbor's house will come up for rent.


Anonymous said...

Emily, you forgot to include pictures of the sword fighting going on next door!

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

Oh dear, bless their hearts. Hey, you know what would go really well with the dryer in your yard?

Besides an unkempt, faded Christmas Santa from seven years ago?

A turkey deep fryer.


Natalie said...

Hmmm. Well. Alrighty then.

Only newleyweds could put such a charming spin on such a dreadful abode.

Anonymous said...

em, that made my week. love you and your place!

xoxoxo, dar

Anonymous said...

I'm sad you have to leave that place so soon, it's perfect. :) Hope your next house/apt is just as nice and perfect. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh, and this is Jess Barnett (from previous comment). :) I just used at least an hour to read back on posts I hadn't read by the way ... much better than studying for boards. :) I miss you and wish you the best.