Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rent: It's not just a musical with shockingly obnoxious songs enumerating the seconds you're wasting listening to the songs

I'm moving out of my current house (some sniffles) and moving into my new house where the hot Jonny will soon join me. We're renting this place just for a few months because we'll be moving out of state in August, and I'll just tell you that the new house is about the size of a steamer trunk. All of the floors slope, so I imagine we'll be embarking on indoor sledding adventures this summer. The light switches are in the wrong places and on the wrong side of doors (bathroom switch is in bedroom; kitchen switch is in living room). There is one closet and one closet only. This forces me to get rid of all my junk, and believe me, I've got a lot of it. Jonny, his sister, and I cleaned for several hours yesterday, but there's still much work to be done. (Mom, you would have been appalled by the furry growth on the bathroom window, but I know that, secretly, you would have been delighted to clean it. That's the Mama Jo hormone we inherited.)

All in all, it's kind of a disaster of a house, but we love it.

I'm going to be unpacking my stuff today, tomorrow, and Saturday. On Sunday I'm going to pack my bags for NC and Italy (we finally decided on Italy for the honeymoon destination, by the way), and then we'll start moving Jonny's stuff in for the rest of Sunday and Monday. In between times, I'll be picking up my dress and Jonny's ring, dyeing a veil (ha!), washing my car, changing my oil, purchasing beverages, plucking my eyebrows (cause eww), making a playlist, and kicking back at a couple of cookouts. I've had a lot of help so far, and I'm thankful for so many sweet friends who have taken part of the planning burden on themselves.

In six days I'll get to see my new niece, and in eight days I'll get married.
I can't believe it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Emily! I'm so excited for you! Also, if you want to get rid of some junk and make some $$ too, Courtney and I are having a garage sale in June. Let me know if you want to put anything into it...