Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why the Force Is Strong with Me

Once upon a time, Emily traveled far, far away to the Ville of Nash with her companions Audra, Jesse, and Bubba. They stayed in the basement of Blake's Inn that first night, where they enjoyed hour upon hour of Flight of the Conchords stimulating conversation. When their eyelids were so heavy that they could no longer converse with ease, the weary travelers prepared to retire. Emily went to the upstairs lavatory to wash her underarms perform her nightly beauty regimen, and upon exiting the washroom she immediately gained the stairs.

Then it happened.

Up went the feet and down went the rear as she slipped on that first, shortened step. When she recovered her senses and her backside at the bottom of the stairs, Emily was shocked to find her hand tightly clasped around a hammer. The hammer certainly had not been there on the basement floor a moment before, and Emily couldn't recall picking it up on her ride down. She could only conclude that her Jedi instincts had kicked in, and she had used the Force to call the hammer to her aid. Truth be told, she would have done better to Force-pull a mattress, but her budding abilities did the best they could under the circumstances.

Some said that the hammer was cursed, an ill omen of things to come. Others called it a blessing claiming it was the Hammer of Justice bestowed upon a chosen one. Still others said the hammer was a simple implement of home maintenance used to hang pictures earlier that day and then placed at the top of the stairs. Jesse said nothing, for he was occupied with pointing, crying and laughing.

But Emily knew the truth. She had the Force.


audra.marie said...

*sigh* you will always have the hammer, i will always have a contact. oh, what stories we'll have to tell our grandchildren one day.

Six in the Mix said...

Just don't kiss your brother, Leia.

Anonymous said...

Oh snap. Yeah, leave the brother out of this. Although I do also have the jedi power. I'll soon post about candlesticks, laptops, and straws.

Natalie said...

No wonder you are off your rocker most days...you listen/watch Flight of the Conchords.

Now the world is made clear.

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

HOW did you end up with a hammer in your hand?

By the power of greyskull!

Em, my mousepad on my laptop is sticky because my ice pop leaked on it and I was eating the ice pop because my throat hurts and I hope I'm not getting a cold.

Make it all go away.

Pop said...

Hey,this gives a new meaning to the song by PPM: "If I Had a Hammer."