Monday, November 10, 2008

We Interrupt This Financial Crisis for a Brief Message

Before I get to the nitty-gritty money savers, I'd like to suggest this helpful hint. When possible, find yourself a look-alike and get her to do your work for you. My friend Ashley and I went to college together, and during our time there no one - NOT ONE SOUL - told us we looked alike. Many people told us that we looked Jewish or Greek, but no one said we looked the same. Since graduating, Ashley has straightened her hair, and now everyone asks us if we're sisters. It's unbelievable. We must have gotten it 8 times today. Some have even mistaken Ashley for me.

Here we are together with Ashley's curly hair. We're doing a jig, because that's what we do. This was before the sisters comments.
Jewish? You know, it's just easier to say Yes. Twins? No.

For clarity, here's how it breaks down. This is Ashley with straight hair.

This is my sister

This is me
I'm blurry, but I've made my peace with that.

Instead of getting upset that I'm not so unique as I like to think I am, I've decided to harness the power of twins or, if my sister gets involved, triplets. I'm going to force Ashley to go to work for me while I stay at home drinking lattes. It's brilliant. Brilliant! This can also be a moneymaker, because opportunity cost is now nothing to me. I don't have to decide between two options; I can just do both. The possibilities are endless.

And if nothing else works out, I can just sell tickets to the freak show.


Anonymous said...

I'll take two tickets to the show please.

Dar said...

i still don't see it, but i love you both!

(also, my word to type so they the blog knows i am not a virus was "sunuggit"which is now my new favorite word!)

love, dar

Six in the Mix said...

It's actually very scarry how much we look alike--different hats, maybe that's the key.

Extra thought: I'm cutting my hair.

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

I actually thought the photo of your sister was you.