Friday, October 31, 2008

A Winner

We have a winner, folks, and it's Audra with:

"This is what happens when Boyfriend realizes that he's just tasted the best cider and doughnuts in the world and doesn't know how he will now cope without them."

Audra wins because, yes, that's EXACTLY what happens to his eyes with cider and doughnuts. He's crazy for them, and he's cranky without them. Last weekend he took his first sip of cider (amazing cider) and then just yelled. He yelled and got angry and stormed about the place, which is his typical reaction to delicious treats. Thanks, Auds. I know this contest is a no prize sort of contest, but you'll probably get a prize in the mail anyway. And by prize I of course mean a birthday present. And by birthday present I of course mean a half-birthday present. And by half-birthday present I mean perhaps a box of packing material. One never knows.

Thanks to everyone else who entered a caption. I laughed A LOT.

And Happy Hitchocktober! Wait. No. Happy Halloween!


audra.marie said...

WOOHOO!!! I'll taking my winnings and go for a frolick!

tra li la li la...(i'm frolicking off into the distance, look at me go!)

Anonymous said...

This competition was rigged. I challenge Boyfriend to watch me play ping pong against myself sometime. Then we'll see