Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Contest

Give this short video clip of Boyfriend's eyes a little view. Pop and Angies, you motion sickness victims, I apologize for the shaky cam. We were on a train and I couldn't hold the camera steady with such a zoom. Still, you ought to be able to withstand 10 seconds of nausea so you can enter my very first contest.

My very first contest! Yay! There's no prize, except, of course, the fame and recognition. It's just that when I watched this clip I kept thinking, "This must be what happens to Boyfriend's eyes when he sees something shocking or horrible or fantastic." Something like...
  • Notre Dame going to the championship game (or getting clobbered)
  • Baked beans (He detests baked beans. Can you believe it?)
  • A Zelda trailer
So pretty much, I want to hear what kinds of things you can come up with. To enter the contest, please finish the phrase, "This is what happens when Boyfriend sees..."
Enter as many phrases as you like. I'll pick a winner tomorrow, and that winner will get nothing but satisfaction in a job well done.

Good luck!

: You will not win if you put in something along the lines of "a busty blonde" (I'm looking at you, Dr. Pfil) or "Emily before her morning tea." But who am I kidding? No one's dumb enough to put that! We all know Boyfriend is more of a butt man. You can enter those, of course, but you'll have to accept my undying disdain in exchange.


Anonymous said...

two rabbits humping.

Pop said...

1) Watching train cars going in the opposite direction of you


2) Watching telephone poles as the train speeds down the tracks.

Mom (not Pop)

Anonymous said...

Watching Mark Jones play table tennis against himself. Oh yeah. Believe it.

audra.marie said...

Realizing that he's just tasted the best cider and doughnuts in the world and doesn't know how he will now cope without them.

(Thinking) "What do I do? What do I do?!?! I know! I could hold everyone at Kuiper's hostage until someone gives me the secret recipe! Shouldn't take too long, what with me being the most powerful man and all! Success!!! Those doughnuts are mine! Ahahahahahaha!!!!"

Natalie said...

He's watching a bowl of jello.

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

"This is what happens when Boyfriend watches a Wimbledon sponsored by Red Bull"

Anonymous said...

so, by picking a winner tomorrow, you meant next week.

Anonymous said...

this is what happens when boyfriend watches a tug'o'war between the Miami and USC football teams, where the loser is immediately executed by Emily with AK-47.