Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Dear Friends,

I've been traveling for vacation/reunion/homecoming. I shall return to you later today. For now, I have only this to say:

Last night I came home again home again jiggety jig, only to hear my friend Bekah promptly declare that she would be cooking Jiaozi for my housemates and me on Tuesday night (tonight). Can you believe that? Just last week I blogged that if someone wanted to "drop some fried Jiaozi (pronounced Jow-dza) off at my house tomorrow, I'd be much obliged." I haven't had Jiaozi in 3 years, and all of a sudden someone's making it at my house only a week after I say I want some.

With that in mind, ahem, if someone wants to drop a large quantity of unmarked bills at my house tomorrow, I'd be much obliged.

Oh, and one of those circular gold things with one of those sparkly, baseball field-shaped hard things on top of it.


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