Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Old Friends

I ran into an old friend on Sunday. We hadn't spoken in months, but I saw him the other day and struck up a conversation. We talked about the night sky, about daydreams, about geometric art, and even about unrequited love. It was fantastic to talk to him again, and it reminded me that old friends are indeed gold. We used to see each other just about every day, and I knew I could always go to him for both comfort and entertainment. It's ridiculous to let such a wonderful companion fall by the wayside, especially when my parents paid for our play dates for 15 years. Whether he's the Story & Clark I grew up with, the Steinway I practiced on in college, or the Clavinova in my living room, I plan to keep up this friendship for years to come. Those 88 keys hear my heart. Sometimes my piano expresses my thoughts, and sometimes it hides my thoughts, but it's always there to listen. What a friend.

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Anon said...

oh, I want to hear you play, preferably from the room above yours, so that I can dangle despairing action figures down through the vent to amuse and interrupt you before you go on playing again.