Friday, September 19, 2008


My brother Mark has this habit. It's not a gross habit like Boyfriend's perpetual (and often unconscious) spit bubble blowing; it's just a habit. He makes nicknames for everyone. They rarely make sense, and they're always dumb.

Case in point: his wife's name is Lori. She has gone from Lori to Louie to Lou to Louavision to Vizh to McBane to Mcbaneamente to Bane and from there into all sorts of things that I can't remember because they're too random to commit to memory.

I have a nickname from childhood that Mark did not give me. Mine is Woo, and my family has called me that for as long as I can remember. Apparently, they called me Emmy Lou every now and then when I was a toddler, even though my middle name is decidedly not Lou. When you say it in baby talk it comes out, "Wittle Emmy Woo," hence the shortened "Woo." As time went by, Woo just wasn't enough for Mark, so he expanded it to Wooless, and the next logical move was of course Wooless Georgina. I responded in kind by calling him Marcus Lavinias, even though that makes no sense either.

Marcus Lavinias is now deployed, but he comes home in exactly two weeks. Can't wait to see you, Mark, and to hear all the exciting news about your time in Qatar. I'm sure you'll have plenty of stories for me about cafeteria food and sand and surfing the internet and reading stuff and walking from one building to the next and sometimes talking to others and saying things like "affirmative" and "ETA." Wow! Military life is so glamorous.

A toast to you with a Clearly Canadian, my brother, and a happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day to the rest of you scalliwags.



Anonymous said...

Why thank you Wooless. Mad props! Do they rarely make sense? Are they dumb? I think not sister. It may be decades before the greatness of names like Wooless Georgina and McBainerberry are realized. These are more like terms of endearment through which I adore you.


Anonymous said...

I know you knew that

Anonymous said...

was today talk like a pirate day? did I miss all the fun? this sucks.