Wednesday, September 10, 2008

8 Bits of Fun

I just asked Dr. Pfil what I should blog about tonight. He responded, "Politics. Your liberal friends who aren't actually liberal. Sarah Palin."

"But I don't want to blog about politics!" (Stamping foot.)

"You have to sometime, L'Emily." (I'm little Emily, you know.)

"What? No I don't. Besides, I'm too happy to blog about politics."

"Fine." Then he made me some tea.

I'm not gonna blog about politics. So there. Instead, I'm going to change my hat with a list of 8 fun things. I've discovered through blogging that I'm a fan of lists. I never knew this about myself. In fact, I always thought that I hated lists. Boyfriend and his friends are in love with lists, and they have their top 100 movies, top 25 albums, bands, and songs all written out. We have a movie club that meets every Wednesday, and to apply for membership you have to list your top ten favorite movies. It took me 9 months to apply because I was too scared to commit my top ten to paper. But what if I miss one? What if I forget about a movie that I saw 8 years ago that actually belongs in my top 10? What if Number 7 is really my Number 4 but I'm not self-aware enough to know it? What if I re-watch my number 2 and I hate it? Then my whole list would be a lie, a sham, a deception! I've never said I'm not neurotic, nor have I called myself a quick decision maker. (<--What is that, a triple negative?) Turns out I like lists; I just hate ranked lists.

So here's my unranked list of 8 fun things. Why eight? Because I've been playing 8-bit Nintendo games all week, and I wanted my title to be a play on words. At this moment, I haven't even thought of eight fun things. I'm just committed to the title.

#1. Super Mario Bros. What a great game! Boyfriend and I beat it during halftime on Saturday. When I was young, and Mom and Dad hated Nintendo, the parentals didn't want to put too much money into games. My brother Mark and I played hours and hours of the original Mario Bros. Hours and hours. So many hours, in fact, that Mom and Dad took the Nintendo away from us entirely and said we could only play it if we got straight A's, and even then we could only play for 1 week following that 9-week term. It was the greatest week of all time.

#2. Getting so many extra lives in level 3-1 of Mario Bros. that the game gives up on numbering the lives and simply labels them as "Crown Blue Box." This is getting its own number because it's just that awesome.

#3. Anime. I never ever EVER thought I would like anime, but Hayao Miyazaki's films are incredible. Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite. They are wondrous adventures. Give them a try sometime.

#4. Rookie of the Year. We watched it last night, and my nostalgia meter went berserk. I hadn't seen it in at least 10 years, and it was wonderful. Thank you, Daniel Stern, for your 1993 treasure.

#5. Generally, I am entirely unaware of fashion week; I neither know what's going on, nor do I care. But this?

This is a Marc Jacobs ensemble. It's like Anne of Green Gables meets Grace Kelly. How could I not like it? The hat makes me want to do a jig.

#6. Dolores Moran's hat in To Have and Have Not. There are lots of topics I could focus on in the movie - Lauren Bacall's performance as a 19-year-old, the onscreen chemistry of Bogart/Bacall, the astronomical amount of casual littering - but this blog is called "I Have a Hat," not "I Have a Cigarette to Drop in the Hallway." I would like to have and to hold this hat. That's all I'll say about it.

#7. A quality group of women. I just started a small group with several friends, and I can't go on enough about how fantastic it is to share hearts and thoughts with these wonderful people. Men are great fun to hang out with, but they're not women. They're just not.

#8. Playing with Boyfriend's MacBook Pro. I've had to do a lot of praying about coveting lately, because I adore the MacBook and I want to steal it for my very own. It's so shiny and pretty. I use a Dell at work, but I had to steal the MacBook this week to work on a slideshow presentation. I've said many times before that if I had the moolah for a laptop I would probably go for a non-Mac because I do so much data processing, list sorting, mail merging, etc. As it turns out, that would be a mistake. Everything is easier on a Mac, from network connections to video editing to searching the desktop. I had a lot of fun playing with the Pro this week. Both Boyfriend's laptop and my laptop are silver; perhaps I'll switch them when his back is turned. Yeah, that's it! He'll never ever notice. (Cue thunder, lightning, sinister laugh - wait, make that sinister giggle.)

There you have it, folks. I like 8 things. No more. No less. Eight shalt be the number I shall like, and the number that I like shall be eight. Nine shalt not be liked, nor either seven, excepting that I then proceed to eight...


Mary Berries said...

What a privilege to make the list! (and to read your blog!) :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully said! I like lists too, but I like when I can check the items off the list! :) Actually I never check them off, I just start over so the paper isn't messy with a crossed off line....oh my. Love you WOO!

Anonymous said...

You still have to comment sometime, before the election, on your "liberal" friends who are not really liberal (thankfully). Come up with eight of them if you must. You can start with the (true) liberal who was ranting last night before the movie.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Major props in my favorite blog! But I'm disappointed in "Rookie of the Year". Come on, I'm not that much older than you but I have to reach back farther into the memory vault to obtain nostalgia. How bout some Scuzzbucket or The Last Starfighter.

Also, would Five have been OK or is five right out?


Anonymous said...

By the way...I have the Nintendo Game emulator here, and I have probably beaten Mario, Mario 2, and Mario 3 atleast 5 times each. The original Mario really was lightyears ahead of any game to come for years.